The undersigned, desiring to participate in the activities, programs and services promoted by or facilitated by or though Finding Sophia hereby agrees to assume all liability for the undersigned’s acts or missions in the course of this activity participated in by the undersigned and further relieves Finding Sophia (Trish Ward, Marisol Godinez, Heidi Boynton) Rancho Los Chabacanos, it’s officers, directors, agents and any and all other persons associated with or operating through Finding Sophia of and from any and all liability for injuries occurring in the Continental United States or outside of the Continental United States, and agrees to indemnify and hold Finding Sophia harmless for any and all damages or injuries which may be caused by or to the undersigned in the course of participating in activities sponsored, promoted, or participated in by Finding Sophia. The undersigned understands that these waivers and releases herein cover each and every member of the undersigned’s family and that the undersigned’s agreement in these waivers and release is a precondition to the undersigned’s participation in activities sponsored, promoted, or participated in by Finding Sophia.

I give permission to Trish Ward, Marisol Godinez, Heidi Boynton or any Finding Sophia leader to act on my behalf concerning any medical emergency that I might incur.

I understand that I am required to raise a minimum of $750 towards the cost of building the new home. This amount is over and above the $450 trip cost. Should my fundraising fall short, I am responsible and will pay the balance to cover the fundraising cost up to $750.


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